City of Union, KY – Delinquent Listings

As a result of nonpayment the below listed bills/assessments are delinquent. The amounts due are a personal obligation of the taxpayer on the assessment date as of January 1 and bears commissions, fees and interest and, if not paid, will be subject to collection by the City Attorney as provided by law.

List current as of October 26, 2020


Name Address PIDN Year Type Total Due
Matthew E Compo & Lisa Blank 9069 Braxton Drive, Union, KY  41091 062.00-04-136.00 2017-2018 Streetlight Assessment $                  66.30
Ford, Connie S 10011 Golden Pond, Union, KY 41091 063.00-14-001.00 2019 Real Property $10.36
Rich, Aaron M and Poynter, Carey A 2028 Arbor Springs Blvd, Union KY 41091 062.00-38-043.00 2018-2019 Real Property $704.72

 Thomas Sawyer Jr.


Whispering Trail, Union, KY  41091 063.00-10-001.00 2008-2019 Real Property  $            2269.81
Daniel J Willis 10141 Whittlesey Drive, Union, KY  41091 063.00-12-460.00 2015-2019 Real Property  $            4230.08

Any amount due for taxes, fees and/or charges is subject to change and will be based on the current amount due at the time of payment.  Bills can be paid in person with cash, check, or credit card ($3.95 fee) or can be paid by mail with check or other legal tender.

The City of Union is located at 1843 Mt. Zion Road, Union, KY.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the City Clerk at 859-384-1511, M-F 10 AM to 4 PM or go online to www.cityofunionky.org.

A list of the bills are available for inspection at the City Building or on the city website at www.cityofunionky.org.  The status of these bills is subject to change without notice.  Last updated: October 26, 2020.