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The City of Union is under a severe winter weather watch for Feb. 14-16, 2021.

Estimates of the coming snowfall range between 6 to 15 inches. While this can range widely in the Tri-State area, there is agreement that this will be the most intense winter storm we’ve seen since 2008.

For roads in the City, repeated plowing will be necessary to keep the intense accumulation under control. Salt will be distributed judiciously, but most salt application will happen prior to the morning and evening rush hours.

Given the amount of snow expected, we are aiming for DRIVABILITY during the peak hours. While all efforts will strive for excellence, occasional drivability might be the best we attain.

You can help our snow removal efforts by taking the following actions:

1. Stay home if you can and only travel if absolutely necessary

2. If you must be on the road, plan extra time for your drive and be prepared with an emergency kit in case of accident or delay

3. PLEASE remove your vehicles from the street, and especially Cul-De-Sacs to aid our snow removal crews.

In Boone County, when a snow emergency is declared at any level and snow amounts exceed two (2) inches, all vehicles must be removed from streets, roads and right-of-ways. Vehicles not moved may be subject to ticketing or being towed.

Removing your vehicle from the road makes it easier for our crews to clear the streets. We want to provide the best service we can to our citizens, and it is imperative we keep the roads as drivable as possible for our police and emergency responders as well.

Our offices are closed tomorrow (2/15/2021 for President’s Day, but you can email [email protected] or call 620-200-7074 if you have a snow removal issue. Be safe and be prepared for a lot of snow in Union!