The City of Union announced that free Public Notary services will be available for city residents.

The City has three public notaries on staff and can provide notary services during regular business hours.  The City Building is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., except for federal and state holidays.

City residents should be prepared with all necessary documents and forms of identification as required by law and in compliance with the documents to be notarized.  There are no charges for the notary services, but copy fees may apply if needed for the transaction.  The notaries are all State of Kentucky notaries, and can only notarize documents within the state of Kentucky, and will follow the rules and guidelines established by the state.

For more information on the City of Union visit the city website at www.cityofunionky.org or contact Communications and Operations Director Melissa Hinkle at [email protected] or 859-384-1511.