New Members Upgrade City of Union Economic Development Committee for 2017.

At the January 3, 2017, meeting the Union City Commission approved the appointment of Jim Collett, Randy Barlow, and the reappointment of Brent Gross and Dennis “Denny” Mathis to the Economic Development Committee for the City of Union. Members in the middle of their four year terms are Matt Apke and Steve Harper.

The new members make the 2017 Economic Development Committee (EDC) one of the most highly-qualified group of members to serve, perhaps in the history of the city. This group brings together a wide-range of city, civic, financial, and business experience to Union. They will work tirelessly to continue to develop our city in a responsible, professional and community-minded manner.

Jim Collett brings a unique background in both local government as a former mayor of Crescent Springs, as well as a historical association with the City of Union. He has development experience with the rapid growth of Crescent Springs during his time in office and is able to work with both sides of the table regarding complex development issues.

Randy Barlow has significant experience in the planning and development community as a long-time representative of the Boone County Planning Commission on behalf of the City of Union. He has strong ties to the city as a long-time resident of the city and understands the development potential in Union. Both Mr. Barlow and Mr. Collett truly understand the importance and scope of effort that will be necessary to make the Union Town Center become a reality.

“I am happy to see that Mr. Barlow and Mr. Collett are joining the EDC Team. They have a wealth of business and practical experience, and being Union landowners is just a plus!” said EDC Team Leader Commissioner Jeremy Ramage.

“The collective experience and background that this committee has will allow the EDC to be the center of the universe for all economic development activities throughout the city. This group will be the engine that drives responsible growth in every corner of the city.” said Mayor Larry Solomon.

The first priority of this group will be to continue the work on the Union Town Center plan. With the beginning of the construction on US 538/Mt. Zion Road, this development becomes even more of a priority for the City. It is important to ensure that we attract the right types of businesses and developments that will maintain our town as one of the jewels of Northern Kentucky and a preferred place to live for those who work in the Cincinnati metro area. While there is a lot of work ahead, this administration is confident this group will make the City of Union even more proud of the past and where we can look forward to a promising future.

The group meets on the third Wednesday of each month, at the City Building. Like all city meetings, these are always open to the public, and public attendance is encouraged and welcomed. Citizens who have concerns, questions or input as to the growth and development of the business and economic engines for the City of Union are invited to attend any EDC meeting.
For information regarding the Economic Development committee, contact Melissa Hinkle, Communications Coordinator, The City of Union, 859-384-1511 or [email protected]

Members Appointed to Economic Development Committee