With the listing of approximately 28 acres of property in the Union Town Center area for sale, the City of Union is excited to start the process for the development of the Union Town Center.

This administration has accomplished a lot over the past three years.  With the construction of the Mt. Zion Road project well underway, the completion of the new Union Kroger Marketplace and the addition of several new businesses to the Kroger out lot and Historic Union areas, we are seeing an uptick in interest in development in Union.

The goal over the next five years is to convert the old Union Town Plan into a new town.

This listing of property is just the start of the process.  The City of Union, working through the Economic Development Committee and in conjunction with Boone County and the Boone County Planning Commission, will work with developers to make sure plans reflect the needs and wants of current Union residents, using the old Town Plan as a guide.  This will ensure long-term success for the development and the City of Union.

“Recent publicity has said the town is a go, but in actuality, it is a go to start the development process and not a go to start building tomorrow,“ said Mayor Larry Solomon.

As part of this process, the City of Union will be obtaining feedback from residents for their buy-in and consensus of the vision and future of the city.  We will be keyed in on the details and looking at the development from all angles to ensure all are represented, so future city growth can be responsibly managed.

For more information on the Union Town Plan, please visit the city website at www.cityofunionky.org or by contacting Communications and Operations Director Melissa Hinkle at [email protected] or 859-384-1511.