Small Business Grants

Coronavirus Relief Program

Small Business Grants

May of 2020, Governor Beshear announced Three-Hundred Million dollars ($3,000,000) in Coronavirus Relief Funding (CRF) to cities and counties to assist with the fight against Covid-19.  The funds were proportionally given out based on a per capita basis.  Union’s allotment from these funds totals $426,000.  Funding from the first round of Small Business Grants have brought the available funds to $387,000.  Funding can be spent on a wide variety of uses such as actions taken to respond to the public health crisis, costs and acquisitions not anticipated as a result of the pandemic and expenses associated with the provisions of economic support.

It is the City’s aim to use the CRF monies to support Small Businesses with a grant program.  This is not a loan program.

Program Details and Requirements

Grant Amount: Up to $10,000 (limit one application per business)

1. Prerequisites

a. Only non-essential businesses that have been mandated to close at some point in 2020 can apply; retail and restaurants that have been impacted by mandated closures or social distancing requirements due to COVID-19, are eligible to apply as well.

b. Must have more than 2 (full-time, part-time and/or independent contractors) but no more than 35 full-time employees. Business owner(s) may count towards the number of employees. Businesses with 1 employee are eligible if deemed non-essential and have a storefront (Brick and Mortar etc).

c. Businesses must be locally owned and (or) franchised and must be in existence prior to March 1, 2020 in the City of Union. .

d. Must have a valid Boone County Business License and must be current on all relevant local and state taxes. Eligibility will be confirmed through Boone County Occupational Tax.

e. Businesses must be able to provide proof of ownership either through a current lease agreement or mortgage statement.

f. Commercial Landlords, Financial Institutions and Non-Profits are not eligible to apply.

2. Eligible Expenses

a. Mortgage

b.  Rent

c. Utilities

d.  Expenses related to the safe operation of business for the public and employees as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. (PPE etc.)

Supporting invoices and copies of payments are required for services and items to be reimbursed. 

3. Submission Deadline

a.  Applications will be accepted from October 12th through November 16th. Grant awards will be approved at the Union City Commission meeting on December 7th.

b.  Applications may be submitted online through cityofunionky.org. Applications can be printed and submitted at 1843 Mt. Zion Road Monday through Friday 10:00am – 4:00 pm.  

Download Application HERE

*No funding from this grant opportunity may “double dip” for costs/expenses already supported by the Payroll Protection Program (PPP), Small Business Administration loans (SBA), Economic Injury Disaster Loan or any other assistance given from the CARES Act.

**All awards will be decided by the Union City Commission.  There will be no appeals process if you are denied.

**Previous expenses submitted from the 1st round of funding in September are NOT eligible for reimbursement.

    Corona-virus Small Business Grant Application

    Business Name

    Union Business Address

    City, State & Zip Code

    Explanation of Grant Usage (Please be exact and concise):

    Check One:
    My business was considered non-essential and was mandated to close.My business was considered essential and remained open but with restrictions.Other (Explain)

    Business and Employment Information:

    Number of Full Time Employees (Business Owner may count as one Employee): Average Wage

    Number of PartTime Employees: Average Wage

    Documents Required:

    In order for your Application to be accepted you must provide the following documentation:

    Completed Application (If not completed online).Completed W-9Copy of Boone County General Business LicenseCopy of most recent Quarterly Payroll ReportProof of ownership (copy of current lease agreement or most recent mortgage statement)

    Documents can be Mailed or Delivered to City of Union, 1843 Mt Zion Road, Union KY.

    Contact Information:



    Phone Number:

    The City of Union retains the discretion to determine the compliance with criteria and eligibility for all applicants. The City reserves the right to deny applications based on noncompliance with the program requirements, the absence of available funds to fulfill all requests, or any other lawful basis within the judgement of the City. Lastly, it reserves the right to determine the procedures by which payment of funds for approved grants shall be made and does not guarantee payment on any particular timeframe.