Union Mayor Covers New Funding Agreement for Boone County Planning Commission With The Commissioners.

At the January 3 2017 Union City Commission meeting, Mayor Larry Solomon presented and reviewed to his Commissioners the new Boone County Planning Commission (BCPC) Funding Agreement Letter of Direction for next year’s BCPC funding. The principles within this letter of direction were agreed to by the Boone County (BC) Judge Executive and Mayors of the three BC cities (Florence, Union, and Walton) at their last quarterly meeting on November 8. The letter of direction was written by BC Judge Executive Gary Moore for the other governmental funding entities.

This new funding agreement will insure that proration to each funding entity will be in compliance with KRS 100.127(1) that states…”Combined planning operations shall be jointly financed, and the agreement shall state the method of proration of financial support.” The proration (or proportion of the total BCPC annual budget each funding member pays) shall be based on a “base rate” calculation using 2016-17 funding member amounts. Solomon said that the City of Union paid 6.8% or $73k of the $1,078k BCPC funding contribution in 2016-17, and this will serve as the base rate until 2020-21. Any approved increases in BCPC future funding budgets above $1,078k (if any) will be prorated to each funding entity “per capita” amount (per capita meaning each entity’s percentage of total BC population). For example, if next year funding members agree to a $10k overall budget increase, Union will pay 4.5% of that $10k increase. Union population is 4.5% of total BC population. Solomon said that this takes the arbitrary and capriciousness out of next year’s BCPC funding each governmental funding entity.

Additionally, funding members also agreed to the following principles…

• “Special projects” that go above-and-beyond the normal scope of work and support services shal not be included in annual BCPC funding. If a special project just applies to one government funding entity, then a separate proposal shall be developed between BCPC and that funding entity.

• The four governmental funding entities shall review the next year’s annual BCPC budget at their quarterly Judge/3 Mayors’ meeting. Once their budget is aligned with the government funding entities, BCPC can complete the approval process as normal with the Planning Commission.

Mayor Solomon said, “Beyond becoming in compliance with KRS law, this new funding agreement will help the City of Union and the other governmental funding entities better plan next year’s annual City Budget, because now there is a quantitative formula to determine funding for the BCPC.”

Read the Letter of Funding issued to the Boone County Planning Commission below:

Judge Moore’s Letter Of Direction in its entirety, please click here

Update on Funding for Boone County Planning Commission