There seems to be some questions regarding the proposed green space between Graeter’s, the upcoming Dewey’s, and upcoming Braxton Brewery. The information circulating about changes to zoning for this development has no affect on the green space area some of the community is concerned with. We hope to provide some much-needed clarity for this plan.

First and foremost, the greenspace that has been proposed to be featured between the Graeter’s, Braxton, and Dewey’s development will remain. There is NO CHANGE proposed to this part of the development. That area will still serve as a focal point for activities such as informal concerts, temporary ice skating in the winter, etc.

The requested change will impact the small rectangular area on the side of the Braxton/ Dewey’s building that will allow for a 2200 sq ft building.

The adjustment DOES NOT compromise the integrity or accessibility of the central greenspace.

While changes are on the horizon, they are intended to compliment , not detract from, what is eagerly anticipated by our community.

We will continue to keep everyone informed and engaged to grow Union into something we will enjoy. We hope this helps clear any confusion about this development.