When Boone County Schools Superintendent, Matt Turner, asked City of Union Mayor Larry Solomon to be “Principal for a Day”, the mayor agreed only if he could be “Principal for a Day” at Ryle High School.  On September 17, 2021, Ryle High School Principal Matt Shafer welcomed Mayor Solomon as honorary Principal.  This initiative was developed by Superintendent Turner to offer local elected officials the opportunity to engage with Boone County school staff and students to learn more about school systems.  In addition, it provides the schools the opportunity to learn more about local government and, in this case, for Ryle High School to learn more about what is going on within the City of Union.

Mayor Solomon’s honorary day consisted of Mayor Solomon reading the morning announcements.  He then greeted students as they went to-and-from classes.  And finally, he spoke to a student government class explaining the roles of the Union City Commission, development and population growth in Union, and the recent reduction in city property taxes.  He then addressed multiple questions from the class.

Mayor Solomon stated, “In 1970, the population in Union was 233 residents.  According to the 2020 Census, the population has soared to 7,416.”  He went onto say, “The City of Union is not a small bedroom community anymore.  As the second largest city in Boone County, the City of Union now has to be managed as a larger city.  The City Commission has done an excellent job of managing stated growth while maintaining the look-and-feel of a small town.”