Summer brings lots of warmth and sunshine.  It also brings solicitors knocking on our doors.  The City of Union requires any person who is an itinerant merchant, peddler, or solicitor to obtain a license prior to engaging in such activity within the city.  Please visit the Code of City Ordinances to read all requirements on door-to-door solicitations.

City of Union residents may view a list of licensed solicitors, as well as sign up for a “No Knock” list on the FAQ webpage.  Authorized solicitation is permitted only during the hours of 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM.  If any city resident feels like there has been a violation of the solicitor regulations, please notify the City Building at 859-384-1511.  If any resident feels harassed, call the non-emergency number for the Boone County Sheriff’s Department at 859-334-2175. 

Please refer to the following suggestions when answering your door to a solicitor:

  • Ask to see a solicitor license issued by the City of Union (blank license pictured below)
  • If no license, let them know that they need to go to the City Building to acquire one
  • If not interested, simply say “I’m not interested” and close your door
  • If you are on the City of Union “No Knock” list, tell/remind the solicitor

There are many online suggestions and safety tips for answering your door to strangers.  If you feel that your safety is at risk, dial 911 immediately.