Hello Union Residents…

 In June of this year, I released the “State Of The Union…Union KY, That Is” which may be viewed HERE.  It is now October and we have some updates to provide. 

 Union Promenade.  The centerpiece of the Promenade development will now be the Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient facility.  Children’s will be opening two buildings servicing Union area residents so they do not have to travel to Cincinnati.  With professionals working during the day at Children’s and other businesses within the city, existing and future restaurants can be assured greater lunchtime crowds.  Lastly, Children’s building locations will block neighboring homes from daily Promenade activity…insuring greater nearby residents’ privacy.

Graeter’s/Braxton/Dewey’s Center.  The city just approved the Graeter’s portion of this center so they could obtain their Business License to start building this year.  It is hoped that they can be open and operating by mid-summer 2023.  The Braxton/Dewey’s portion of this project will go through the Boone County Planning Commission and follow the same process for approval.

The New Town Center.  Now that the city has purchased the property between old and new Routes 42 and the Affinity Apartments and Union School Road, we have to start development planning.  That process began at the last city caucus.  Over the next year, the city will be working on development plans to make sure that we “get it right” for our residents.  Getting-it-done-right is always preferable over getting-it-done-right-now.


“Mayor Larry” Solomon

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